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A humble neighborhood restaurant nestled away in the residential backstreets of Nakameguro, chef and owner Hisashi Udatsu aims to bring together top quality ingredients, with world class technique in an atmosphere touched by art and warmth in hospitality. 

Welcome to Udatsu Sushi.




Lunch Course:

Omakase L1    8,000 JPY

Omakase L2  12,000 JPY

Dinner Course:

Omakase 1    20,000 JPY

Omakase 2    30,000 JPY

Vegetarian     15,000 JPY (2 day advance reservation)


Premium Craft Sake Pairing 12,000 JPY ~

Special Requests:

Hairy Crab 10,000 JPY ~
Grilled Tuna Head 20,000 JPY ~
Saltwater Preserved S
ea-Urchin (Uni) 10,000 JPY ~

...and more based on market availability.

Hours & Location

            As a son of a butcher and next door neighbor to his hometown’s only sushi restaurant, from an early age chef Hisashi Udatsu was expopsed to two of the premiere Japanese culinary contributions to the world. He fondly recalls how he “was lucky to have not just one but two sets of parents, as my neighbors took care of me as an infant while my parents were busy working in the butcher shop that they still run today.” So it came as no surprise that at just 7 years old, young Hisashi told his friends that he wanted to become a sushi chef one day. At age 14, Udatsu enrolled in a culinary high school and upon graduation start working at a sushi restaurant in Kanda, Tokyo; two early stops in his career where he learned the fundamentals of sushi.  
           When Udatsu turned 26, he sought to fine tune his craft at Ginza’s Michelin 1 star Sushi restaurant, where he was promoted to the number two chef in just a couple years.
           For his omakase, Udatsu conitnues to leverage his strong relationships in Tsukiji and source the best fish from the new Toyosu fish market. For his shari, he uses two types of Yokoi brewed vinegar with which he prepares two distinct batches of sushi rice. This allows him to meticulously blend and contrast the taste profiles of each piece of fish and rice. An expert in sake as well, he can pair his creations with a rotation of seasonal sakes sourced directly from many of the hidden gem sake houses in Japan. 
           With these efforts, Udatsu Sushi  has become a space ”that is not just about sushi, but also a place representative of the city of Tokyo;  where people from diverse backgrounds can interact and deepen their mutual understanding of each other.” Since it's opening in the spring of 2019, Udatsu Sushi has become a dining destination for artists, entrepreneurs, fellow chefs and luminaries from all over the globe.



Mon - Sat


Mon - Sat

*Closed Sundays and Holidays

12:00 - 14:00

18:00 - 23:00


2-48-10 Kamimeguro Meguroku Tokyo Japan 153-0051



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